"Mingardo Ilario Carpenteria Metallica" was founded in 1970 by Mingardo Ilario, who had over fifteen-year experience in the metal processing field. It is based in Monselice, in the province of Padua, Italy. The production was initially focused on simple carpentry work for the construction industry. Over the time it has become more and more refined, enabling the company to collaborate with internationally renowned companies and architects.

High professional levels were achieved with the production of exclusive metal products, which are entirely hand-wrought by our expert and highly skilled team.
MICM operates outstandingly both in the civil and the industrial field, although architecture is where our leadership in creativity and personalization is best evident.
Steady innovation in metal processing and constant improvement of our traditional material workmanship skills underlay our complete range of products, from antique-style frames to the most modern custom-made work.

Our 40-year experience enables us to cope with any possible technical difficulty in design or production. Quality metal structures, elegant design and clean style are distinctive features of each of our works. Thanks to long-standing collaboration with a leading company in glass artistry, we offer unique hand-crafted work of the highest quality.


Our potential is best expressed in the management of a project from the very start, from simple idea to reality, through the crucial design phase.
We can develop completely, rapidly and effectively any project, according to our customer's needs. Each of our products is first of all a thought we transform into word, a design we shape, an idea we materialize.

Outstanding results have already been achieved, but innovation is always a keystone of our work, to make sure our customer draws all the benefits from our experience and productive capacity. "Mingardo Ilario Carpenteria Metallica" is a major, modern and far-sighted steel manufacturer equipped with excellent technology to carry out even the most complex work. Our aim is to further improve design and implementation of our products, enhancing quality to continue meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Our customers, our best sponsors, need only imagine.
We take care of everything else.

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