"Mingardo Ilario Carpenteria Metallica" offers a wide range of products, which include consulting about the choice of materials and the most appropriate processing according to the type of product. Our technical office supports the designer and communicates directly with the customer as well, to completely understand their needs.

Thanks to our dynamism, we can offer any custom-made metal carpentry work for industries, working directly at the customer's site to carry out delivery and installation.
In particular, our range of services includes:

  • design and production of custom-made metal/metal-crystal furniture
  • stairs
  • doors, windows, gates
  • thermal-break doors and windows
  • brise-soleils
  • rooftops for photovoltaic installations
  • CORTEN steel treatment
  • metal etching and polishing
  • calendering
  • cutting and folding
  • drilling
  • stainless steel treatment
  • canopies and rooftops
  • varnishing
  • certified thermal-break doors and windows
  • tig, mig and electrode qualified welding
  • product installation
  • post installation assistance

Corten is a type of steel which, thanks to its low level of chemical binders, exhibits 2 main characteristics:

- high CORrosion resistance, with considerable decrease in maintenance costs
- high TENsile strenght

Under the influence of the weather, the steel forms a protective layer on its surface. The layer is made of oxides of its alloying elements and it prevents corrosion over time.
Thus, the material has a brownish patina, whose color varies over time depending on weather conditions.

CORTEN can therefore be used even in places exposed to the action of atmospheric agents.
CORTEN is one of the most sophisticated and sought-after material in architecture both for its aesthetic qualities and its durability.

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